Well, I gave it a good go, but trying to make one website do wholesale AND retail is quite complicated and after taking advice from folks running the same sort of business I have decided to reopen my separate wholesale store, so here it is!

Because I need to split my inventory over two websites it is possible that something will be listed as sold out but I actually do have stock. Keeping track of inventory was the reason I tried merging my websites, but it didn't work for other reasons. My team will do their best to keep inventories as up to date as possible with weekly, if not more, updates.

Do feel free to email me at bridget@bridgetfarmerprintmaker.com if there is something unavailable that you really want, as I might have it or at least be able to tell you how long the wait will be.

Click the collections in the menu at the top of the page for more products!

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Orders under $500 attract a shipping rate of $26.95.

Orders between $500 and $1000 attract a subsidised shipping rate of $15.

Orders over $500 are shipped free of charge.